Schweden: Fünf Abschiebungen nach Griechenland gestoppt

Das Migrationsgericht in Malmö hat fünf Abschiebungen von Asylsuchenden nach Griechenland gestoppt.


Two rulings from the Migration Court in Malmö stopped the return of five asylum-seekers to Greece. The five asylum-seekers: two women and their three children, first sought asylum in Greece, where they were rejected. The Migration Court however finds that the asylum process in Greece is seriously flawed, that asylum-seekers will potentially not be given a fair trial, and are at risk of refoulement, in spite of possibly dire protection needs. The Court therefore suggests that Sweden should take over the assessment of the asylum applications. In 2008, the Migration Court decided that asylum-seekers could be returned to Greece but the court now states that Greek legislation has since deteriorated. UNHCR has refused to participate in the Greek asylum process. The Greek committee that previously tried appeals has been annulled, and the right to appeal has been limited. The Migration Court also mentions in the verdicts that only 1.2 per cent of all asylum applications, and 2 per cent of appeals, were approved by the Greek authorities. The Migration Court stresses that UNHCR has shown that the Greek rejections are standardised, and lack detailed legal discussions, references to case-specific facts, and country information. The court bases its decisions on a ruling by the European Court of Justice, calling on EU member states to halt the transfer of asylum seekers to Greece. The verdict was later appealed by the Migration Board, to the Migration Court of Appeal, the highest authority for cases concerning migration. This year, Sweden has returned 395 asylum-seekers to Greece.